Yesterday Once More - Buy Handmade Charcoal and Lemon SoapYesterday Once More - Buy Handmade Charcoal and Lemon Soap

Yesterday Once More! Handmade Charcoal Soap 100g - 100g


Yesterday Once More! Handmade Charcoal Soap 100g


Activated charcoal and lemon go sha-la-la-la-la on your body. Activated charcoal is a phenomenal toxin magnet and can pull deep-seated toxins out of your pores with the gentlest care. Lemon essential oil, dubbed liquid sunshine for its yellow colour, brings forth its refreshing scent and potent antimicrobial powers. Adding to it are myrrh and gingergrass, making your senses and skin sing together. This dappled bar sans any bright color is great for people with congested skin.

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2 reviews for Yesterday Once More! Handmade Charcoal Soap 100g

  1. 5/5


    I was tired of looking for a natural soap. A soap which didnot have any harmful chemicals. When my friend recommended y’aura soap, I actually thought it just another soap which claims to be natural. But I was shocked to see all the ingredients being listed and not just the Key ingredients. There are absolutely no harmful chemicals and the essential oil are pure and natural. I can feel the difference it has made to my skin and the fragrance is to die for! Finally my search for natural soap ends here!

  2. 5/5


    When i opened the first packet i was shocked to see that the design is different from the picture. Quite disappointed I was. I felt I was being cheated. Thankfully I had ordered 2 and so i checked the second one too. Thats when i realised the second one was different too. On second thoughts, these are not machine made to have the exact design in each soap. Perfect for my oily skin in a humid place. Did not dry my face or leave it oily. The acne has also come down. Since then I have become a regular customer

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