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CLEANSE PORES. REMOVE ODOUR.Armpit Mask- Underarm Odor Control - 40


Armpit Mask- Underarm Odor Control


Recommended for all skin types.

Armpit Detox unclogs pores that are blocked by the use of various deodorants and other products and then absorbs odour-causing bacteria. It addresses issues caused by years of deodorant-use, allows underarms to breathe and prevents body odor. It contains Xylityl Sesquicaprylate, a rarely used vegetable-derived antimicrobial and deodorant which is the best news your armpit has heard in years.

Fragrance: Fresh, energising.

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3 reviews for Armpit Mask- Underarm Odor Control

  1. Dr. Helen Jacob

    The most amazing fact though, is that the Armpit Mask is not overwhelmingly fragrant- a sure sign that the ingredients used are purely natural with no harmful chemicals added.

  2. Pallavi Kunder

    The entire product is plant based with absolutely no harmful chemicals! It worked wonders for me. Best part is the ease of use. Just apply it for 10 mins before shower, rinse off and am good for the entire day.

  3. Kirti Kalyan

    I have been using their under-arm detox and it has been the product I have used so far. Not only does it do the job of giving me an odour free day, it is also a healthier option than chemical deodorants.

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