Sheen & Nourish 30 Ml FrontSheen & Nourish 30 Ml Front

Sheen And Nourish Serum

Sheen And Nourish Serum


This leave-on hair scalp serum is quite simply the most attentive constant your hair can ask for. A few drops of this actives-packed serum are enough to correct nutritional deficiencies in your hair fibers and scalp. (And while all of that is being done, it sits so lightly on your tresses you won’t even feel its presence.)

We have brought together some of the most powerful, hair-loving actives in this one. Phytosqualane along with essential fatty acids sourced from sesame, sunflower, olives, corn and macadamia work on the scalp’s skin barrier function and thus locks moisture in and fight free radicals that cause hair to deteriorate rapidly. Tocopherol Acetate, a form of Vitamin E, protects hair from the damaging influence of environmental aggressors and especially help minimize damage caused by heat and overexposure to sun. Manuka, black pepper and magnolia work as a synergistic complex of extracts to support the natural microflora of the scalp and thus strengthen hair’s natural defence system. Carrot root extracts together with Beta Carotene and Tocopherol act as regenerating agents and enhance hair density. Passion fruit oil loaded with Vitamin C curb split ends and entrench hair bulbs more deeply.

The Hair Solutions Sheen And Nourish Serum is a daily maintenance ritual your hair could fall in love with.

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