100gm Red Clay Mask Front View100gm Red Clay Mask Front View

Rejuvenating & Firming Face Mask

Rejuvenating & Firming Face Mask


Want to boost your daily skincare regimen? This rejuvenating, depigmentation mask is an indulgent lover that gives your skin all that it craves for, in one sweep—especially if you have dry to normal skin or skin that seems to be ageing faster than it should. The high mineral content of kaolin clay teams up with the tautening hand of liquorice and the gentle exfoliating powers of yellow mombin, mango and banana to work deep inside your skin on issues such as pigmentation, dryness, fine lines and acne. You’ll love it more because its deeply moisturising properties keep your skin hydrated for long hours, all thanks to the triple whammy of xylitylglucoside-anhydroxylitol-xylitol, sodium hyaluronate and aloe leaf juice.

Smelling equal parts of fruit orchards, mountains and forests, this mask is as good as a fairytale in a jar.

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