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DEEP HYDRATE. REPAIR.Body Scrub (100 ml)+ Body Lotion (100 ml) - 200


Body Scrub (100 ml)+ Body Lotion (100 ml)


Recommended for All Skin types

Brace up for the winters and love your body because we’ve got some really desirable offers. We’ve got you some body care combo packages that are as inviting as the products themselves. For all those who’ve waiting to indulge in some serious body care using clean beauty products, this is for you. Grab this duo at a flat 21% off.

Fragrance: Fresh, energising.

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2 reviews for Body Scrub (100 ml)+ Body Lotion (100 ml)

  1. Veena J

    Came to know about this brand called Green And Beige recently and based on reviews decided to give it a try. And yes I am satisfied with the products efficacy. I have used both the product Body lotion and coffee body scrub. I use the scrub twice a week for dead skin exfoliation and the body lotion daily and it gives me the moisturized and hydrated feel.

  2. Ayushi Adityam

    I bought it on the recommendation of one of my friend and it’s really nice. The gentle fragrance is very nice and as this one is for all skin type and it’s not very oily either. The consistency is perfect for easy spreadability. The scrub is good too, it has no large particles or plastic beads, it consists of all natural coffee power and coffee oil that exfoliates and leaves the skin smooth and healthy.

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