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DEEP HYDRATE. REPAIR.Armpit Mask (100ml) + Body Lotion (250ml) - 40


Armpit Mask (100ml) + Body Lotion (250ml)


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This combo is your best warrior against your dark underarms & body’s dry skin woes. Perfect as an instant skin quencher for your hands and feet while you are on the go as it does not leave a greasy finish. Armpit mask that unclogs pores that are blocked by the use of various deodorants and other products and then absorbs odour-causing bacteria. It addresses issues caused by years of deodorant-use, allows underarms to breathe and prevents body odor.
Grab this 100ml Armpit Mask & Body lotion 250gm duo at a flat 20% off.

Fragrance: Woody, earthy.

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2 reviews for Armpit Mask (100ml) + Body Lotion (250ml)

  1. Radhika B

    This Green And Beige body lotion really suits to my skin as my skin is very dry in nature and looking for something other than ordinary lotions. Also I like its unique formula and brand ethics for clean and safe environment.

  2. Nidhi j

    Excellent moisturising qualities, the fragrance are very mild does not hit. Happy to know these are very earth friendly and safe products. Very happy with the results. Also the Underarm mask is gentle enough to be used daily to get efficacious results, I have using it since 2 weeks now and happy to see no side effects or itching it is easy to apply and wash off without staining.

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