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DEEP HYDRATE. REPAIR.Armpit Mask (100ml) + Body Butter (100ml) - 40


Armpit Mask (100ml) + Body Butter (100ml)


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This combo is your best warrior against your dark underarms & body’s dry skin woes. Perfect as an instant skin quencher for your hands and feet while you are on the go as it does not leave a greasy finish. It addresses issues caused by years of deodorant-use, allows underarms to breathe and prevents body odor. Next, Body Butter is perfect for dry patches (elbows and knees) and chapped skin.  It is a good hand and foot cream, a natural moisturizer and cuticle saver. For extremely dry skin, we recommend this Green And Beige Body Butter Cream daily for 7-10 days to help recondition and soften skin.
Grab this Armpit Mask (100gm) & Body Butter 100gm duo at a flat 23% off.

Fragrance: Woody, earthy.

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2 reviews for Armpit Mask (100ml) + Body Butter (100ml)

  1. Shilpa Goswami

    Green And Beige Armpit mask and body butter combo are in my every day skin care regime now. I use the Armpit mask every single day and is amazed by the result it has given. No bad odour and lighten armpit skin tone. It feels so fresh every day. Also the body butter is something I swear by, it’s light, no tacky, easy to apply and gives you that hydrated feeling. Both the products are a must have!

  2. Nandita Banu

    I gifted this to my husband, OMG it’s so amazing and smells so good. Gifting men is always difficult but this is a lovely gift as it has both the products which was surely needed for my husband. The Armpit mask tackles the bad odour and the body butter is best for sensitive skin, gives all the hydration and nourishment required. Not at all disappointed by my purchase. I am surely going to buy this again for both of us.

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