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CLEANSE PORES. REMOVE ODOUR.Activated Charcoal Body Detox kit - 140


Activated Charcoal Body Detox kit


Recommended for all skin types.

Activated Charcoal Body Detox kit contains Armpit mask that unclogs pores that are blocked by the use of various deodorants and other products and then absorbs odour-causing bacteria. It addresses issues caused by years of deodorant-use, allows underarms to breathe and prevents body odor. Along with this, charcoal bathing bar deep cleanses the pores and removes oil, dirt and pollution settled on the skin, leaving it glowing naturally. Grab this 2 duo at a flat 17% off.

Fragrance: Fresh, energising.

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3 reviews for Activated Charcoal Body Detox kit

  1. Girish G

    I usually do not put up reviews. But this I had to. The bestestest charcoal mask I’ve used (I have used nearly all). Very effective to control bad odour, easy to wash off and does not leaves any stains behind. The texture is light and whipped, the packaging is nice. It is worth the price as it really does the job.

  2. Aarti Mane

    It was delivered in perfect condition and serves as a PERFECT GIFT for your loved ones. What packaging, man! Would definitely recommend!!

  3. Aman Shah

    I was always conscious about myself. You know what i mean. But!!! I was also sceptical since i have sensitive skin and would use products only after reading and understanding the product in and out. This Activated Charcoal Body Detox combo gives you that good looking skin you always wanted. It doesn’t cause any irritation even for that underarm sensitive skin. This works by unclogging the pores and fights body odor causing bacteria and the charcoal bathing bar it gently cleanses. On using it daily, the underarm dark skin pigmentation faded.

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