Our story

It started with our children. We know that it is not possible (or ideal) to bring children up in a bubble. But we really did not want to, in the name of face/skin/hair care, expose them to unnecessary chemicals that would do more harm than good.

This is when we put a team together and invested first time and then money to create skincare and haircare products we believed in. Products that we, our children, you and your children could use with the firm faith that the ingredients are honest and do what they claim they do. We have a rule at Green And Beige, Nothing artificial goes into our products. And no temptation of cost or convenience can overrule the rule.

Green And Beige products do not contain Parabens, Pthalates, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Mineral oil, DEA, Sulphates or surfactants like SLS/SLES. It takes us much effort and much cost to source ingredients that are 100% natural. This also means our products become more expensive and therefore our customer base, niche. But that’s the price we pay for being 100% natural instead of being ‘green’ just in name.

Our sustainable products policy extends to our manufacturing facility and how we do business. We do not want to add to an already loaded planet. We want a better world for ourselves and for you.



Dr. Merin Liza Jacob

Liza is a dental surgeon with over 16 years’ experience and took to cosmetic formulation more as a mother than a technician. An advocate of natural concept and remedies, she believes no power can heal as well as nature.
Faced with her child’s skin issues, she saw the inefficacy of contemporary synthetic products and that is where Down To Earth Wellness was born. The journey was extremely tumultuous as capturing Nature in a bottle was full of obstacles that were ironically synthetic in nature.
But 4 years of research and development and an undying belief in and commitment to nature have led to what we call
Green And Beige – the colours of the planet.
Liza invaluably contributes to the technical and medical side of Green And Beige.


Abraham Marett

Abraham is an advertising professional with 20+ years in Indian and international markets. His past associations include Leo Burnett and the WPP group. Abraham handles the marketing and communication functions for Green And Beige. Abraham is a diehard believer in the restorative and healing powers of nature. Abraham was integral to the manufacture of the cold process soaps that Down To Earth Wellness started with, and continues to be an integral part of the soap unit. Being a natural, non synthetic product should ideally go beyond the product into the entire process and the packaging. And this is what Abraham ensures. Nothing leaves Down To Earth Wellness that is not entirely Green (and Beige).


Jacob John

Jacob is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in operations and distribution channels with Bausch and Lomb, Bharati, Reliance and the Hero group. It was the sight of mothers like Liza struggle with children’s skin care issues that prompted Jacob to moot the idea of natural skin care products. Which eventually, went on to cover a larger age group. Jacob takes care of strategy and operations for Green And Beige. Jacob ensures that each ingredient is scoured and dissected to ensure it is from a sustainable and biodegradable source and that each product is critiqued and verified for its efficacy and customer satisfaction. While there are easier, more economical, synthetic alternatives, Jacob insists on 100% natural products. He eschews risk by insisting on the company’s own R&D and manufacturing even though there is no dearth of formulators with the know-how of natural formulations.


Work with us

Green And Beige is not an MNC. It is a start-up. And let’s face it, it is not the cool, new Gen Z start-up that operates out of a
co-working space. We are a small company with a few, committed folks who truly believe in a world of artificial-chemical-free cosmetics. If you believe in that as well, feel free to try us out.

What we can promise you is an honest, transparent atmosphere where effort will be appreciated and rewarded. We also are an open structure where everyone can contribute and everyone can grow.

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