What we do

We believe that the body is a miracle of 4.3 billion years of Nature’s work. And we believe what the body needs, that very same Nature provides.

We believe the ingredients in our products should be what we can use in our kitchen. (Tough Bentonite Clay is not really what we would like in our curry.)

We believe the body needs more care, more attention, more pampering. We really need to love ourselves. We need to Preserve & Protect.

We believe in the 9th commandment – thou shalt not lie. And so we tell you this. That no one can reverse ageing, no one. There is no way you can become younger.

We believe we can make you feel younger. With skin and hair that is vitalised. That is rejuvenated and full of life. We can make you feel good, walk tall.

We believe in what we do.

What we do not do,

We do not add anything artificial.

Up to 20 - A good time to get started.

This is not the time most of us worry about skin. Because we are young, carefree and our skin, usually blemish-free. Now this is because elastin and collagen generation in our skin still has its youthful energy. Some though, have to worry about facecare as hormonal changes could well have led to what all young adults dread, acne and pimples. (Keep an eye out for the Face Mask for oily and acne-prone skin that we will soon be introducing, as also a Face Scrub.)

Our skin at this age is usually clear and flawless. (Which leads most of us to believe that this will always be the case. But it is not.) This, is the best time to begin your face care, skincare and hair care regimen. At this age, we don’t have to do much. Just ensure that we protect ourselves, with the right clothes when we go out in the sun or with a hat if we are out playing.

The earlier we begin our preserve and protect routine, the better it is for us.


25 to 35 - Realising there's more to our body than the face.

This is when we develop a greater respect for facecare, skincare and haircare products. Why? Because this is the time our skin’s regenerative properties start slowing down. We start noticing, that skin can look dull and hair can lose its natural shine and bounce. We peer closer in the mirror and discover discolourations, spots, maybe even pigmentation. Around this time, the muscles most frequently used also start leaving indentations – the dreaded lines.

Here, our deeds of years past matter a lot. If we have taken care, then skin and hair will obviously look better. Till 25 we have at best, paid attention only to the face. This is the time to extend that attention to the neck, chest, arms and legs. (And do take a look at our Armpit Detox as well.)

What we ideally should not do, is believe multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns and drown ourselves in chemicals. Why? Because chemicals get absorbed into the body and bloodstream, impact your health and accelerate the process of ageing.

What we ideally should do, is sharpen our Preserve & Protect routine. We would recommend our Body Scrub (and soon a Face Scrub) which exfoliates, but leaves the skin moisturised not dry.
Get the right body and face creams (we have both). And give your hair the protection and nourishment it needs with our Hair Mask.

We are not the only natural products out there. A little research will show you which brands and products are natural and which just claim to be. Just ensure you do not load your skin and hair with chemicals.

35 to 45 - Getting a consistent regimen in place.


As we age, we need to face up to an eternal truth. That preventing ageing is impossible, that we just cannot push the clock back. Our focus now should be on keeping our skin as healthy as possible, instead of desperately trying to prevent ageing.

So what happens here? Skin starts looking dull because elastin and collagen production has slowed down further. We now need products that can penetrate skin and mimic the properties of collagen fibres and keep skin toned and supple.

We need hydrating lotions to help skin look plumper (and we do have a Body Lotion for you). Hydrating the body also helps skin. Ensure to not neglect the neck. Otherwise what we conceal on the face will start showing on the neck. Apply our creams and lotions onto the neck in gentle upward motions. We always have to be careful about the skin around our eyes. Shadows should not be overscrubbed as they then tend to become more visible.

What hair needs, is strengthening of the strands and nourishment of the scalp and follicles. This will give it the bounce and life that we see in the commercials. Natural ingredients like blue hairclay, with its high silica content, can strengthen the follicles and prevent hair-loss. Helichrysum (which means ‘everlasting’ in Latin) Essential Oil strengthens the strands and encourages improved cell renewal rate. Which is what you will find in our Hair Mask.

A few pointers. 1.Ensure that our face, skin and haircare routines are consistent; do not be lazy and skip those few minutes of care. 2.Do not keep chopping and changing products. 3.Follow the doctor’s advice and drink lots of water; hydration is essential for skin. 4.Follow Gulzar’s advice, “thande safed chadaron pe jaage der tak”; good sleep is great for skin.

45 to 55 - Laugh more.

This is the age at which our past begins to show. Years of exposure to the sun begins to reveal itself in spots and rougher skin textures. Hyaluronic levels decrease as well, making fine lines more noticeable. Loss of collagen also leads to the skin sagging around the eyes and along the jaw.
Then there is menopause, with changes as oestrogen levels drop below 30 pg/ml.

There is a lot of love we need to give ourselves now. Take 5 minutes off your routine for a daily massage. With your fingertips, massage the facial muscles, moving along the jawline and then upwards to the cheekbones, then under your eyes and across the forehead. What this does is sculpt the face muscles, increase the blood flow, increase cell turnover and most importantly, stimulate fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen.

One of the primary issues to address is the restoration of volume loss due to decreased hyaluronic levels. Potent botanicals in our Face Cream activate epidermal hyaluronic acid to restructure the surface of skin.

We also start noticing that laugh lines do not recede as they used to. So we can either keep laughing more (quite the best way to go about it) or use natural products that produce ceramides that will help the skin retain water and look more supple.

There is a lot we need to do and a lot we can do to preserve and protect our skin at this age.
But the primary method is to love ourselves and as Baz Luhrmann sings, “Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly”.

55 and beyond - Your lines are your story.

This is probably when we really have more time to ourselves. The kids and maybe even the work does not consume our entire attention any more. The pace at which we have been running slows down. Which is good, because we have all our time to ourselves.

The good news is that this is when hormonal fluctuations reduce and the skin becomes stable. So we can focus on preserving what we have.

Never underestimate the power of hydration (both external and internal), never underestimate the power of good sleep and never underestimate the power of covering your hair. All of these have a lot to do with preservation. Remember this simple argument – what is good for your plate is good for your skin and hair.

Also, read up on your diet. There are a lot of natural foods that are good for skin and hair. Like for example, did you know that red bell peppers are rich in carotenoids and can help prevent wrinkles and increase blood circulation to the skin? Or that dark chocolate is rich in flavanols and can make skin glow? Or that carrots are high in betacarotene and can prevent overproduction of cells? (Go easy on the chocolate, though.)

At Green And Beige, we have always felt that trying to look younger is a wasted, futile effort. We cannot look younger, but we can make our age glow. We have character, beauty and power and need to find ways to preserve it, not chase youth.

We have lived our life, lived it well and our lines, tell that story.

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